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Alpine Style για VW Golf VII | Βίντεο

Alpine Style | Σύστημα Πλοήγησης για Volkswagen ( VW Golf 7 ) | Βίντεο Πληροφοριών Προϊόντος: ήχος, ψυχαγωγία πίσω θέσεων, DAB+, Bluetooth, GPS

Alpine Style για VW Golf VI | Βίντεο

Alpine Style | Σύστημα Πλοήγησης για Volkswagen ( VW Golf 6 ) | Βίντεο Πληροφοριών Προϊόντος: ήχος, ψυχαγωγία πίσω θέσεων, DAB+, Bluetooth, GPS

Golf 6

Golf 6 Democar, Images, On the road with Alpine Style Navigation System X901D-G6

(UK) VW Golf R32

Alpine R32 (UK) Stealth Install with a Twist Alpine’s Volkswagen Golf R32 showcases the In-Car Multi Media Station; the IVA-W505R, which boasts superb visual quality and audio clarity. The amazing sound is produced by using Alpine’s IMP


Improve your bass, but keep your space


Subwoofer System for VW Golf 7, Golf 6 and others


Improving the bass in your car, usually means to surrender a lot of trunk space for a subwoofer box. Alpine solves this problem with the all-new SPC-600G7. This subwoofer system is designed to fit right into the spare wheel compartment of a Volkswagen Golf 6 or Golf 7. This is an easy, inexpensive way to improve the bass performance and sound dynamics without taking up any trunk space.



DAB Antenna Adapter for Volkswagen Golf 7, Golf 6 and Skoda Octavia 3


Required for Golf 7 to connect the X901D-G7 to the original DAB antenna.

FAKRA to SMB Adapter.

For Golf 7 without OEM DAB antenna please use KAE-DAB1G7 instead.



FAKRA to GT5 GPS-Antenna Adapter for Volkswagen Golf 6, Golf 7 and Skoda Octavia 3


Required to connect the Alpine System to the original GPS antenna.

FAKRA to GT5 GPS-Antenna Adapter



Microphone Extension Cable for Volkswagen Golf 7 and Scoda Octavia 3


Required for vehicles without original VW / Skoda Bluetooth® hands-free system.
We recommend to use the original VW / Skoda microphone for best calling performance in hands-free mode together with our Microphone Extension Cable.
Please contact your local VW / Skoda service centre to purchase the original microphone.



Conversion Kit required for upgrading 1st Generation Alpine Style systems Golf 6 / 7 and Octavia 3 with X902D-EX


This Conversion Kit is required to upgrade your 1st Generation Alpine Style system X901D-G6 / X901D-G7 / X901D-OC3 with the media-box X902D-EX to enjoy the advantages of Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and many other new features.

This kit adjusts the microphone sensitivity to ensure compatibility of the 1st Generation microphone with the 2nd Generation media-box.


Wireless charging - now in your Golf 6


Wireless Charging Console for Volkswagen Golf 6


A very useful accessory for your Golf 6 is the Wireless Charging Console KCE-G6QI. This little rubber pad fits perfectly into the Golf 6’s center console and provides Qi compatible inductive charging for your wireless charging enabled mobile phone. The KCE-G6QI works with any Golf 6 regardless of original radio or aftermarket system. It is also compatible with the Golf 5, Jetta 5, Scirocco and Eos.