All necessary parts for installation in one kit.
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Installation Kit for INE-W928R - KIT-8VWD2

Retain Steering Wheel and Vehicle Display Functions and Parking/Heating Visualisation

The series of 8 inch installation kits for the VW platforms include all parts needed to install and make INE-W928R work in the target vehicle.
The parts for mechanical fitting are included as well as an interface that allow to retain the car’s air condition and heater control screens as well as the optical parking sensor representation in the MFD (Multifunctional Display). The interface will also support the car’s radio display in the instrument cluster (MFD) and Steering Wheel Remote Control.
Antenna adapter with phantom feed is included.

vehicledisplay_red.gif SWRC_Ready.gif
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Supports basic functions of original steering wheel remote control including telephone hook on/off. Full functionality of the vehicles multi-function display is maintained.

Retains visual representation of air condition and heater controls and optical parking sensors in the multi-function display in the instrument cluster (if available).

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  • Installation kit for VW Golf, Scirocco, EOS and others
  • Steering wheel remote control interface with CAN to analogue conversion, MFD (Multifunctional display) support, retention of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and OPS (Optical Parking Sensor) screens.
  • Antenna adapter with phantom feed


Compatible with

Maker 1 Model Model year
Volkswagen CC * 2012 →
Volkswagen EOS 2009 →
Volkswagen Golf VI * 2009 - 2013
Volkswagen Jetta VI 2011 →
Volkswagen Passat B7 * 2011 →
Volkswagen Passat CC * 2008 - 2012
Volkswagen Polo 5 2009 →
Volkswagen Scirocco III 2009 →

* parts of the dashboard may have to be modified
1 Cars with white MFD (Multifunctional display).

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